A Decor Test

Many hours are spent assessing products to ensure their comfort and usability. Hand and Sit evaluations are how we give our thumbs up approval! In the description of most products you will see the sit and feel symbols. These symbols correspond with the evaluations below. If you need more assistance with Sitting Pretty or Feeling It, please enquire on the Ask a decor question page. 

Sitting Pretty & Feeling it.

  • Seat Comfort: conversation
  • Seat proportion: average female 
  • Back Support/Recline: upright
    and supported, 
    add a toss pillow for a little softening
  • Feel: crisp, smooth 
  • Durability: everyday use 
  • Weave: tightly woven
  • Seat Comfort: 
    medium, cushy but supported 
  • Seat proportion: 
    multi size friendly
  • Back Support/Recline: 
    softly angled
Hand test 2
  • Feel: crisp but soft 
  • Durability: everyday use 
  • Weave: texture with soft/pile
  • Seat Comfort: 
    perfect for binge watching 
  • Seat proportion: 
    petite gals will need a step stool!
  • Back Support/Recline: 
    relaxed for lounging
    Hand test 3
    • Feel: cuddle up soft 
    • Durability: everyday use 
    • Weave: supple textured plush


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