Underpad for Hard Surfaces - armchairmuse.com

Underpad for Hard Surfaces


• 100% natural rubber coating over a superior quality polypropylene fabric which gives the pad a rich, luxurious feel and supports the rug evenly to help retain its appearance.

• Superior grip strength which keeps rugs from sliding and slipping on hard surfaces.

• Balanced, open-weave construction that allows minimum air circulation and makes vacuuming easy.

• Treated with MSM-Fresh® anti-microbial to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

• Available in custom sizes larger than 8’x11’

• Can be custom cut to fit any rug size.

• Flame-retardant and mothproofed.

• Guaranteed to maintain its “non-slip” properties for 10 years with proper maintenance.

• Made in Canada

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